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Chaska lyrics : "Nightcalls"

The moon is awake.
The sorrow begins.
My shadow is gone

And my spirit is lost.

Alone in the dark

With voices surround me.
Keep calling my name.
Keep drifting me away.

They are always there, watching.
They are always there, disturbing nightmares.

Laughters beyond the glass,
Laughing into my head.

Cryings deep within my soul,
Screaming out inside.

It's just night.
The shadows coming.
A star is burning down.

Spell of mourning.

It's hard to fight

Against those visions,
Against these noises.
It's hard to fight.

Where is it?
Maybe there.

Where someone feels.
Mystic nightcalls.

Where am I?
Where no one sees.

Mystic nigthcalls.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa