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CHASE SUPREME lyrics : "Empty Spaces"

Empty spaces
What are we living for

Abandoned places
I guess we know the score
On and on

Does anybody know what we are looking for

[Verse 1]

They say things change only when you stay the same
And the only way you win is when you play the game
I wouldn't know

I'm hangin like a painting in a frame
In a lane reeking of hating as I entertain

Yeh I can smell it in my nostrils
The same %#@! that turns homies into hostiles

And fake phoneys into fossils
How they my adversaries
Man they used to be apostles (judas $$# ^!$$%s)

I guess they had a change of heart
But while they was taking to flaking I was thinking smart
I tried to warn these motha$#[email protected] the reign gon start

Now I'm floating like Noah after he made the ark (what u doin)
Sailin far
But that still ain't winning

Thought I made it to the end and now it's back to the beginning
Wit ^!$$%s trippin
And (*##$es in my ear flippin

Got me contemplating if all of our time's spent in


[Verse 2]

Everyday it seems I'm livin like a stuntman
Riskin my life to make others rich for what man (for what)
So they can take food out my fridge like they bruh man

And see the pain in my eyes swelling like a cutman
This is tough damn but I'ma speak candidly
I feel like a house cat trapped in a canopy

Yeh I wanna come down but the fall might damage me
It's either that or I'm afraid it'll make a man of me
The %#@!'s insanity and me I'm patrick bateman

Lookin shaken
But do not get it mistaken
I'm pacin mind racin about my place in society where all you're taught is $$#imilation

All I wanna do is take ten but life's so contrary
And it's sorta scary being blinded by the ordinary
On and on like tom and jerry

Sometimes curly, moe, and larry
It's like the more I dig up the more I wanna bury


[Verse 3]

And all these people walk around like the %#@! is cool
Like all the problems that they try to hide are miniscule
It seems things changed eva since I finished school

Cuz the world isn't only cold now
The %#@! is cruel

Knowin that people love to judge you
And it gets em real mad when they find they can't budge you
So they spend all their time in their mind sayin $#[email protected] you

And makin lies about you til they thinkin they above you
But I hope I don't sound bitter
These are just the words of a young wild ^!$$%

Wit a mouth bigger than the nile river that don't give a
$#[email protected]
My manners floating somewhere downriver

I'm out with the incrowd
No longer instyle
And friends

I can't even get a penpal
My mom said there's a purpose to what we in now
But every time I sit down I feel


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