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CHAS TACKETT lyrics : "Serenade"

When the world comes crashing on your feet
When you've lost your hope and can't be seen.

When the world keeps crashing you down
For chasing all your dreams

When the sun sets past another day
When the moon is lost
You'll find a way

To soar much higher than the
Mountains you will climb

(Pre Chorus)
If there's a will, there's a way
If there's a truth, there is nothing more to say.

I'll be the truth for you to find,

I'll be the heart you need to seek
But if there's anything I'd give to you
You know it's all of me (and my heart)

For the battles you intend to fight
As you start another day,

I will be here and I will help you find your way
I wanna be your serenade.

(Verse 2)
When the darkness seems to bring you down
Let the words you know

Come be the light
And take it in with one last breath
(Catching your breath for this night)

Like a dream come true, I've seemed to find
The missing piece my heart can pine for

And all I've been waiting for.


And in this moment we will be
Everlasting, freed forever.

Letting go to what we left behind.
You know that I'll be here
When the heart needs a place to find.

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