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CHARMER lyrics : "H"

I heard you like snakes
you like to play with them
i heard you like to shake

i saw you shaking them
you look like supermodel
taking pictures with them

you look so fine girl
va very priceless gem

i like to see you move
i like to see you dance
oh thats your boy with you

dont even give a damn
follow me sexy thing
i am like a real man

you wanna test me B****
i dont think you can

Charmer Charmer
you're my snake charmer
Charmer Charmer

you're my snake charmer

Wa Wa Wa Whine for me

Ga Ga Ga Grind for me
sha sha sha shine on me
sa sa sa smile for me

i see you work that pole
let me give you a role
be my cheryl baby

i ll be your ashley cole

you like some boom boom pow

i got a feeling girl
i ll make you wonder how
i can do magic girl

you like to see some action
i got you hypnotized
i know you're shocked babe

H is full of surprise

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