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CHARLIE SKY lyrics : "Mars"

Everyday my ^!$$%s tell me imma make it
These others just faking
Imitating constipated im the %#@!,

%#@!ting on a congregation of haters
and I dressed like a skater but im the mayor
that they just betrayed on

And have my wrist with some ice,
that you can skate on
And a mean $$# whip that people who never hate, hate on

be married to the money and just bring the bouqeut home
Have baby by a spanish chick and my son says ok holmes

Cause Im feeling like a star
Cause We on our way mars

We off (8x)
(Chorus Repeats)

We on, now we off, to the moon on a star
We have to make love cause

we riding on a [email protected]$^star
Gps is not working
let me call On- star

Just to let them know that we have gone far
Farther than they ever said we could
And weve done alot of things better than they said me would

When the world gets dull Im that splinter out the woods
Im not from hood but I grab a hood chick and tell her that you should
Cause Im just!


I dont do them phonies
So its getting kinda lonely
But when I make it

Please dont ask me please can you loan me
Cause for one your not my homey
So you barely even know me

So you can soley kiss the soles of my nikes
or you can fight me
Your a sucker for my DNA, bite me!

Every girl I think is diking
While every hater yellin die king
But imma keep rising, like the horizon,

watch the throne,
Cause Charlie Sky is home!
and Im just!


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