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CHARLIE SCOTT lyrics : "King Simba"

King Simba
verse 1;
tryna take it to the top and they say ill never see it

i know they say a lot and i know they dont ever mean it
everyday i pray to god and i get lonely on the weekends
and they know im patriotic so they better pledge allegiance

keep tellin me il make it, im just tryna stay courageous
dont want noone sayn i owe em so dont do me any favors
like im bench pressin the game cuz the bar im always raisin

gime ten seconds of fame and ill blow up in all ur faces
you got ten seconds grenade pin pulled
come get seconds im flavorful

i wet dresses and test legends
i get better just wait until
my next segment my endevours

are just wreckless the pain is full
the best ever debateable
im blessed heaven is waitin sure

the good die young, and i aint tryna see it
with the good ive done, it aint long before im leavin
stand for all that i believe in

call it how i see it
know that yall competin
with a mother$#[email protected] genius

tryna be a millionaire, but i dont rock wit regis
u cant say i never cared, my heart is always bleedin
when i see all of these teens they get addicted to the weed

then its promethazyne and e, tryna see a clean world i know theres things ill never see
role models encourage it, you pop mollys? ur thirty 6
ur 3 sixes, im top dollar, a young scholar

u dont follow, ur knowledge isnt long enough,
and college aint for all of us,

im like a young simba i cant wait to be the king,

call me young simba i cant wait to be the king
yea im like a young simba i cant wait to be the kiiing,
king.....ME! x2

im thinkin alone, i shouldnt be alone when i think
im dreamin of goin on a flight to rome and then greece

i reach for my phone, i hope they notice its a phone when i reach
in a cage id be thrown if they could see all of the things i dont speak
my mind is always racin, and time is always changin,

i am always aimin at the hight of hymilains
i am so inspired, yet i am inspriation
and yall are all invited i aint writin invitations

ima take it to the top, just to see what its like
and i aint sure its what i want
but ill know when i arrive

all i know is when im rockin
that i feel so alive, and i could see ur heads boppin
i aint so surprised, and nothings gonna stop me

yall ask why im so disgusted
some %#@! is hard to stomach
i came wit so much love and most aint ready for no lovin

guess im young and yet to learn this world dont care about.. nothin
still i open doors literally and figuritively
and lyricly give u all of me not smidgens of me

little did he know that yall would take this %#@!
and listen believin that im the missin piece....
and so i came to make history as an unsolved mystery

rose above my misery
and now im the epitome
hip hop entity, i get on everything

chuck scott masterpiece
and no more agony

hook; x4
Im like a young simba I cant wait to be the king
call me young simba i cant wait to be the king

yea im like a young simba i cant wait to be the kiiing

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