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CASEY DONAHEW BAND : Love You Like I Do lyrics

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CASEY DONAHEW BAND lyrics : "Love You Like I Do"

Said you need a little time
Get your mind back to right
You loaded up the trunk of your car

And you drove on out of sight
Went out to California
Spent 3 weeks by the bay

There was nothing I could do or say
That would ever make you stay
You came home but not alone

And your mind just seemed to roam
But I noticed that you'd sneak off
Just to use your telephone

Now tell me where have you been

And just how far did you go
Well are you headed back
Is there someone there you know

Now he may tell you that he loves you
He may tell you that he's true
But there's no way in this world

He can love you like I do

Does he grab you by the hand

Does he whisper in your ear
Does he hold you while your sleeping
In the darkness pull you near

And does he tell you little stories
Just to see you smile
Would he walk a thousands miles

Just to love you for awhile


In your eyes I see you leaving
In your lips I taste the wine

Somewhere deep inside of me
I know I'm running out of time


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