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CASEY DONAHEW BAND lyrics : "High"

I'm cruising down mainstreet in an '87 Chevrolet
I'm rollin down 174 tryin' to find some more
Wish I had a little money I'd spend it all on you

I'd buy us a quarter bag and twelve pack of brew


And we'll get high, and I drink
Well I'm tryin' not to think
And I get stoned and I'm drunk

Well I'm tryin' to change my luck
Just gettin' by
Well I'm a-gettin' by, gettin' high, yeah

Walkin' down Browns mountain tryin' to find my way around
I hope I don't get stopped by the cops in this town

Head on to the south side and the cemetary trails
A worn out fishin' hole where I raised a lot of hell


There's a girl that lives on my street

Strawberry blonde, she tastes so sweet
I wanna tell her all the words in my heart
She moved away then she tore my world apart


Fifteen minutes south of the Fort Worth city lights
We watch football games here on Friday nights
I grew up slow and now I'm living so fast

Running out of liquor and this quarter bag won't last

(Chorus 2x)

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