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CASEY DONAHEW BAND : Double-Wide Dream lyrics

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CASEY DONAHEW BAND lyrics : "Double-Wide Dream"

Well I'm spoken for, I a got a ball and chain
I even gave her my last name
She's my anchor, she takes the wind out of my sails

Can't move the trailer cause she sewed the wheels
She's my plus one, you can do the math
Top to bottom there's no better half

Cause I love that pretty little country girl

She's what's rockin' this redneck's world
She's the welcome mat to my home sweet home
She takes me as I am & loves me like she wants to

Twists my heart up just like a corkscrew
Makes me smile, as I make her scream
Just a couple of kids livin' the double-wide dream

She likes to cuss & fight & she can drink all night
& she can roll one up till I'm feelin' right

She drives a truck with swampers and rims
& an Alpine pumping through Kicker tens
She dips snuff & she don't spit

Never on the broad her shirts don't fit


Guns & dirt roads, cowboy boots & old blue jeans
She ain't no uptown hussy

She's my down home trailer queen


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