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CARTEL : Last Chance lyrics

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CARTEL lyrics : "Last Chance"

This is me calling you out for all these built up superstitions.
they haunt me now and then. for just a little light down here i
would run, i would cross a thousand seas. and in our perfect

world you would wait at the other side.
I know that you, you'll follow up with all the answers if you
were there for me at all.

This is the way that i can't describe anything i've felt for a
while. it's just a little too much to take.
So tell me what would you have to say for asking who you really

are. oh god, i want to know just a little truth down here. i
would write a thousand songs and sing them all to you. you know
you wouldn't have to say a thing.

So enough with everyone else's words. it's just a sign that
nothing makes sense to me. this is your last chance. see i'd cut
you just to

watch you bleed. it's the only way to make you see you're never
there for me. you're never there for me at all.

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