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Caro Emerald : That Man CHIMPANZEE - Swinging lyrics

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Caro Emerald lyrics : "That Man CHIMPANZEE - Swinging"

I'm in a little bit of trouble
And I'm in real deep
From the beginning to the end

He was no more than a friend to me

The thought is makin' me hazy

I think I better sit down
Cause like the sweetest serenade
Bet he knows he's got it made with me

Twisting round on a carousel
This speed's too much to stop

One second I'm thinkin' I'm feelin' the lust
And then I feel a lot

Ooh that man is like a flame
And ooh that man plays me like a game

My only sin is I can't win
Ooh I wanna love that man
Ooh that man is on my list

And ooh that man I wanna kiss
My only sin is I can't win
Ooh I wanna love that man

Now it's like I'm on a mission
Headed everywhere

And if it takes a little long
And it feels a little wrong who cares?

My baby fits the description
And does it easily
A little Gable, some Astaire

When he dances I can hardly breathe

Someone call a doctor

Need some help to rescue me
One second I'm thinkin' I must be lost
And he keeps on findin' me


Ooh, I'm gonna find that man
You bet ya, I'm gonna find that man
Ooh, I'm gonna find that man

I'm gonna find that, I'm gonna find that man

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