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CANTON JONES : Cute lyrics

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CANTON JONES lyrics : "Cute"

It Was A Friday After Church
The Night Was Still Young
So We Decided To Have Dinner And A Movie

Out Of Ten She Was A Twelve
She Was All That
And Quite Sure I Was Pleased To Be A Man With Her

It Started Gettin Late In The Evening Yea Yea
So I Took Her Home
And Then She Grabbed My Hand

Invited Me In
I Looked In Her Eyes
Said You Must Realize

There's Somethin U Dont Understand


You're Cute, But Not Cute Enough
For My Salvation

Then She Said C.J.
You Gotta Be Gay

To Push Me Away
Cause Every Man In Town Wants To Be With Me
Naw Sweetheart

Then I Said No
You Got Me Wrong
Mistaken Sadly

Cause If I Lay Down With You
I Disappoint My Heavenly Daddy
Cause We Not Married

And I'm Attracted To Yo Personality
And Yo Mind
Those Were The Reasons

I Thought You Were So Fine
So Lets Chill
Lets Not Go There

Cause When It Comes To You And Jesus Christ
Baby You Dont Compare


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