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CANTON JONES : Big lyrics

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CANTON JONES lyrics : "Big"

Cause greater is He that's within me, than he that's in the world, world, I, I
I feel so BIG right now, yo, yo, yo, I feel so BIG right now

I just feel BIG, not as an over weight

I'm like a soldier king ready for the over take
They say I'm just a man, well I might be
But I serve a Big God, you don't want to fight me

Look at me with your eyes and you're askin is there more
Look at me in the Spirit, bigger than a dinosaur
In case you didn't know, I just make a sound

I got Angels just lookin for a battleground


I apologize, I talk big noise

But I'm never alone, my angels be some big boys
Big love, big faith, and some big joy
Still ridin through your hood on them big toys

No weapon formed will do no harm
That's why we're on jet skis in the middle of the storm
God loves me and I believe

That he will take care of everyone of my needs


Big man walkin, cause I serve a hero

Look like Kevin Heart, feel like Debo
Add up all my loses, still get zero
I took the devil's lunch and his bag of cheetos

Got a big God in me, look like sumho
Gotta do a Cadillac, I can't do a two door
Call him Miagi, I'll be Laruso

Bonzai player, game over, uno


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