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CANDLEMASS : My Funeral Dreams lyrics

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CANDLEMASS lyrics : "My Funeral Dreams"

There is a light, a flickering light
The eye in the sky is now approaching
I fall into, the well of taboo

In the maelstrom of morte I am floating
I'm going down, deeper and down
The door to the other world is open

High court of the witch lord
I got the invitation

Curved blade of the doom sword
No room for hesitation
Like a lamb to the slaughter

I died in the Douaumant trenches
Did the devils daughter
In the realm of superstition

Do I have to go, where all the sinners burn?
It isn't real, am I able to return?


I'm one out of 13
Got hit by an poisoned arrow
3 rusty daggers

The voice of the scarecrow
I'm trapped here by treason
And strangled in the blue light

Was shot for no reason
In the minefield of midnight

Do I have to go, where all the sinners burn?
It is not real, but am I able to return?


It's dark, I'm blind, I'm trying to climb

Up from the holes into my head
In my dream I stab and I scream
I'm dead without leaving my own bed

When I'm awake I don't recall
What I've been doing there at all

I don't know what I've become
My mind is gone when I'm alone

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