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Camera Obscura lyrics : "Every Weekday"

The last thing I want is to be tiptoeing around you
I want you to know that I'm proud of you
In my head you're nineteen going on ninety nine

You are Saturday and Sunday
Every weekday friend of mine

We got a little butter we took a little bread
It's there for the taking, come put us to the test
We're going to make a record then sail around the world

We might not storm the charts completely
but we'll do our very best

As long as I'm with you
I'll have a friend so true
There is nobody quite like me you say

There is no one half as good as you
I don't want to sound like I've written us off
The words and the feelings are pouring and

I can't turn them off
No I can't turn them off

I won't let you down
Take all of my time
But don't

No don't let me down

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Thanks to maria.01215