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Callalily : Shine lyrics

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Callalily lyrics : "Shine"

Years have passed
Oh, I'm sure we had a blast
We've been through bridges, we've

Been through walls
We survivedd, we survived it all
I know you're innocent

We all know it was an accident
Things happened in a mile
But I'm sure behind those pillows

Hide our little smiles


Don't ask me how,
Don't ask me why.
Just sit beside teh tree,

Below that pretty sky
Don't ask me how, don't ask me why
As long as we're alive, we'll shine

You've been with my brothers
Everywhere I go

We'll swim the rivers that'll never stop to flow
You cry I cry. You die, I die.

(Repeat Chorus)


We'll shine... we'll shine...
We'll shine... we'll shine...
We'll shine

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