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CALAMITOUS X COLDPLAY lyrics : "Paradise"

Verse 1:
Every night I close my eyes and dream of Paradise
And hope I might be able to catch bite

Of the good life flying kites
Ditch the fights reach the height
That I try to reach all the time

That's just what I do what I've done
Then I met her
And she told me her life story starting at day one

She taught me more
Then I had known before and I'd ever thought I'd know
She touched my heart she's a pearl and

Verse 2:
And I believe

And she believe
That together there aint nothing we can achieve
Two different people same team

Two different wishes same dream
Mylo, Xyloto we aint the traditional American home
Nah we're from the slums

Where everyone wants to be number one
And you got to fight to win
Everything's riddled with sin

Nothing here is sacred
Life is what you make it
And we're making love

While the rest push and shove
In this world where the light's covered by night
And everything is sight is hell we think

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