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CAGE : Follow The Bleeder lyrics

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CAGE lyrics : "Follow The Bleeder"

[Verse 1]
No matter how you take it it's still on my chest
And my organs are obsessed

I don't know love, I'm a dying bug stuck to fly paper
For you attracted to all your blood
A hundred percent fun dead, can barely take this world

And figure out why I stick out for Satan's girls
You are so nuts, you let me feed so much
You all make burning in Hell seem like it's not so tough

And there were no survivors and they're surrounded by liars
That would burn me if they could, why? We're going to fire
And I made my peace with that, I'm exempt here

But I hope you see all you friends and family when you get there


Cause you're just hanging around, I dig that
It's all for fun until I'm carried away
Why drag you down? I don't wanna fake this

As much as I can stomach the hate
And where I'm going is so hot
I can't take anymore of me so I give it away

Don't follow me to Hell, I will climb out
I can't afford what you want me to pay

[Verse 2]
In pieces, you need to keep this
So you and your leeches can feed your weakness

So hard to reach, it's gotta be easy to manipulate you
With sweetness and do it to feed this
See who the creep is, you were in my head from the street cause

I was in your head from the speakers
And I know it's playing romance and death again over dinner on a plane
But kill me if I don't remember your pain

Pretend you can just befriend me, would it seep in
Could I drown with a girl kicking her legs in the deep end?
Not if it's the end, now there's a %#@! in the sky

About to kill as we can see them


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