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CADY GROVES : 4 Years (Casey's Song) lyrics

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CADY GROVES lyrics : "4 Years (Casey's Song)"

He made it look easy
But it aint that easy
Swingin from the edge of a limb

Nobody'd believe me
Nobody'd believe it

If I swore last night
I ran into him

Cause he's been long gone
For so damn long
They swear he made it home-

But I'm still holdin on


Cause it's been 4 more
4 more years than I
Could take without him in my life

I'm no stranger to the pain
Cause I've cried
More tears in 4 years

Than I'll
Admit-i just caint see why
Someone would take away his life

I guess it's been
4 years-4 years since I
Never got to say goodbye

I never got to say goodbye

Well I was just a baby

When casey saved me
I've always owed my whole life to him

It's enough to drive me crazy
That I caint save casey
Cause what's been done

Has been done to him


Everybody called him crazy
When he swore that he could fly
But if I could fly with casey

Or get some sleep at night

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