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BUSY SIGNAL : Read My Lips lyrics

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BUSY SIGNAL lyrics : "Read My Lips"

Badman no wear which colour
A di gal dem summer

Tell mi say a me dem want summer
Shawty wanna taste me

Read ma lips
Girl I wanna f**k you

Any which part mi see you
Any which part mi buck you
You know gangsta naa suck you, no

Read ma lips
Shawty I wanna f**k you

Any which part mi see you
Any which part mi buck you
You know say gangsta naa suck you oo oo

[Verse 1:]
Gal mi waa f**k inna mi car pan di back seat cause it tint up

Kotch up di legs mek mi see di p**sy print up
Mi know you have di grip, di glue you know fi quint up
Pon di @@#!y, pon di @@#!y

Mek di right glide, mek di right slide,
Mek di right flex, mek di right sex, gal mi waa
You inna di summa or di winta worse u inna p**sy printa, mi waa

F**k you mek you run off a di @@#!y like a hundred meter sprinter, mi waa
You p**sy jaw, pon da big @@#!y yaw, gal mi waa
You quint it, mek mi sink it een, and if a chaw real gangsta naa


[Verse 2:]
Gal, mi say di way di p**sy tight
If mi see you bredda walk beside you right ya now mi woulda fight

Box him teeth out a him bloodcl**t mouth caa di f**ka too bright
Him fi lo u mek you shine like a light
Real hot head deh wid you

Mi no waa nobody else fi go a bed wid you
Not even couch nor bathroom, you $#&@ you self u doom
Cause mi wi lef a one lead wid you


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