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Bushido : Theorie und Praxis lyrics

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Bushido lyrics : "Theorie und Praxis"

theoretically i should be happy as it is
i could settle down, never take another risk
just my family & friends and mind my own biz

just like all the other people, same old %#@!

theoretically i should be workin everyday

in an office, where i know i get paid
on a monthly basis, like the normal people way
but then again whats normal, whos to say

theoretically i should have a lotta friends
but then again their never there till the end

lotta backstabbers jus waitin for me to fall
when i do, imma stand up, they envy how i ball

i have an education, and i'm still patient,
i wanna create music, be the best in the nation
theoretically i can drop a hit and make it big,

but practically i'm just still stuck in this ditch

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