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Busdriver lyrics : "Avantcore"

I know this group and they're so avantcore
I bought their %#@! at the mom and pop store
And I give all of their songs the top score

I'll see them play on their small hip-hop tour
They're treated like sex symbols, out the stretch-limos
Autographing breasts with lead pencils

Now everybody thinks that they're the best new group
As if they're a pop band test tube fluke
They bought a home that's the size of a ballpark

You can only cross the property with a golf cart
But they no longer can sell a billion records
Because when they first weren't trying was their last brilliant effort

Rappers say the darnedest things that you'll ever hear
Like "I heard you sold this many units" and I say "wish me better luck next year"

There seems to be too much water pressure underneath your genre-mesh blur
And to be honest I never took interest in the modern day Young Black Teenagers

I'd thought they'd gone away replacing what's on gun racks with cheese graters
To use on the spongy mind of the LA rapper swinging from a monkey vine
Style biting used to result in a money fine, but now

Rappers say the darnedest things that you'll ever hear
Like I'm edgy and I'm risqué and I say better luck next year

I replied to the wuss with a yo' mama's joke
When he said how much he pushed the envelope

A group of sexually ambivalent nihilists
Crying from an ovarian cyst
Picking at a vegetarian dish

Idolizing a German band who barely exists
But me, my name's never on the full-color flyer
I'm just the dull Busdriver

Thinking 'til my head is a bowl of dust fibers
To all the fools up under their trucker hats
Sagging until you can see their plumber's cracks

There is no metaphorical meaning
So don't bother sifting through the storyboard in one seating
It's just horribly demeaning

And you can't do burners
I want the colors back
Don't want to hear your dumb ideas

Just shut your trap
Jumping jacks thunder claps in your bubble gum raps

Rappers say the darnedest things that you'll ever hear
Like "I did a song with so-and-so and I got signed" but the checks will never clear

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa