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BURY TOMORROW lyrics : "Knight Life"

My life becoming worthless,
I'll never learn, I'll learn from it.
My worth becoming senseless,

I'll never learn, I'll never $#[email protected] learn.

I live for the Knight life,

But nothing I can do can make me feel alive,
Standing on my own tonight,
My blurring vision, I see nothing in plain sight.

Have I taken this too far, have I gone over the edge.
Because I cannot believe in this, or what anyone has said.
I have broken this line, I have wasted my time.

I need to grow up and move on before this takes over my life.

Lie after lie I've shed and every chance I had

to finally better myself in life.
I took all you had to give, it left me washed up and
worthless in society.

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Thanks to maria.01215