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BURY MY REGRETS : Good Times Won't Leave You Empty-Handed lyrics

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BURY MY REGRETS lyrics : "Good Times Won't Leave You Empty-Handed"

I still remember the days when we were free
When we had nothing to prove
We have stepped across every stumbling path we had ever known.

I still remember how it used to be
When we stood tall against the rest of them

No one can take this %#@! away (Take this away)


Behold the long way down to where we used to be
Reminding the person I once was and who I am today!

The journey was a great one
Until our memories have faded, know that good times won't leave you empty-handed.

(One, two, three. Go!)
Falling from the start
The memory comes as reward

Straight into the heart
Where it will rest inside us all.

To all the long nights, and all the strange lights
To all the %#@! I've overcome
This one's for you!


The journey was a great one
Until our memories have faded, all these memories, they fade away.
But these memories won't fade away

I will always remember you.

And I will move on with a smile on my face.

Because good times won't leave us empty-handed!

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