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BUN-B : It's Been A Pleasure lyrics

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BUN-B lyrics : "It's Been A Pleasure"

(feat. Drake)

[Chorus: Drake]
Emotions in this game run deep

So before these haters kill me in my sleep
- I'd like to say it's been a pleasure
Reppin 'til my last second through

Done a lot of %#@! they'll never get to do
- I'd like to say it's been a pleasure
Honored to be somebody they mention

But before these ^!$$%z stop payin attention
- I'll just say it's been a pleasure
You'll never be somebody they need

Tomorrow ain't guaranteed, so tonight we gon' do it like this
[*singing*] Ohhhh, for the H-Town
Tonight I'm gon' make some money goooo

For the H-Towwwwwn

[Bun B]

Ladies and gentlemen you're now listenin to the Dirty South trillionaire ('naire)
Keepin it trill in there, been here and he's still in there (there)
Pay attention, it's the beginnin of a new era (era)

Get a little closer you can see the view clearer (view clearer)
It's like Lasik but are basic
Ebonics if you're hooked on chronic and you can taste it

Trace it, recognize the real when ya face it
Ball up in the club gettin white boy wasted
One shot of PatrÑÆ'n, then another one to chase it

Put me to the test, I won't pass it I'll ace it
Been so many places, up and down the interstate
Cities that I've never been, wonderin if they fin' to hate

Step up in the spot, let 'em look me in the grill (grill)
So they can see it for theyself that I keep it trill (I keep it trill)
I paid the cost to be the boss and left a tip

So it's all good (good) don't even trip
Believe me it's been a pleasure


[Bun B]

Man I've been all over the world
tryin to tell 'em 'bout the trill and what we been through (through)
What we already done and what we fin' do (do)

What we got into, what we gettin into (to)
When ties 'bout to cut it closer than a ginsu ('su)
Roll through Atlanta, Birmingham, Alabama ('bama)

Jacksonville to Jackson, Mississippi spittin grammar (spittin grammar)
From Shreveport ('port) down to New Orleans ('leans)
And all points in between just to get the cream (cream)

Me and my "II Trill" team on the road flippin (flippin)
Eight hours straight, no stops, no trippin (trippin)
Had to keep them heaters on 'em so it's no slippin (slippin)

Promote a play with show money, we were slow grippin (slow grippin)
Sometimes we rock the stage and put it down (down)
Other times we had to fight and shoot it out of town (town)

But we always made it home okay
And we still on the road to this day
I gotta say it's been a pleasure


[Bun B]
They say that you never really know
what you got 'til it's gone and can't touch it (touch it)

If it look too good to be true, you can't trust it (trust it)
If you never had it (had it) then you can never miss it (miss it)
But looks can be deceivin, so don't you get it twisted (twisted)

Walked a lot of miles in these old school J's (J's)
Thought of many ways, lookin at back in the days (days)
Like how to climb from in between a rock, and a hard place

How to keep your cool when you're dealin with a hard case (with a hard case)
And how to duck, when the judge throw the book at you (the book at you)
And it's a two-sided mirror that you're lookin through (you're lookin through)

The phone receiver's in your hand starin at your child (child)
And your heart skips a beat every time they smile (smile)
See that's how real life is and how it can be (can be)
And how it's deeper then just comin down candy (candy)
So I'm just tryin to play the cards that they hand me

For those that overstood me, understand me
It's been a pleasure


I'd like to say it's been a pleasure
I'll just say it's been a pleasure [*echoes*]

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