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BUN-B : If it Was Up II me lyrics

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BUN-B lyrics : "If it Was Up II me"

I hear we livin in the last days it's revelation
and you best get right with God or else hell is
waitin the world is conin to an end everyday it's

a storm or a flood or tsunami this %#@! ain't the
norm we got Katrina and Rita minds keep collapsing
wit tha fires and mud slides I'm like what's

happnin? Got the kids in the school getting raped
and molested Underfunded under protected no wonder
they tested in the lowest damn percentage rate and

my city damn near the lowest in the state you can
equate that to the state funds that ain't breakin
down right rich districts get more and poor ones

get less and that jus don't sound right so I'm
finna pound right on the doors of my city hall and
kick them hos down they killin' my city yall we

need to get my people back to where they should be
and since nobody else gon do it it's gon have to be me

First of all the projects is $#&@ed up and it
ain't jus with the drugs we got more problems than
the dealers and thugs. They usein lead base paint

and asbestos is killin us we tell them to fix it
up but jus ain't feelin us. They'd rather kick us
out and tear it down to the ground, so they can

put up a parking lot a mall or some condos.
Condemn the whole place cuz a few sell crack %#@!
the rest ain't do nothing wrong what the $#&@s up

with that? They say that one rotten apple can
spoil the whole bunch but we talkin bout some
people not apples this ain't lunch. Make me wanna

punch a politician dead in his face. You say you
represent my district, get yo $$# on the case.
"Development is good for the hood, " yea that's

what you tellin us but (*##$ you on the payroll of
the builders and developers. $#&@ what you seellin
us pipe dreams fa suckers, you can take that round

the corner to them other mother$#&@ers

So much youth they sacrifice just to live in

paradise play they tricks and tell they lies (I
know) it's said to see how they treat the poor
have so much and still want more I see my people

every day on the floor it's time to educate the
people mayne free school and college so everybody
cross the board can get the same knowledge.

Education leads to jobs and jobs kill poverty and
no more poverty means we makein money obviously.
Everybody gettin money, everybody smilin.

Mother$#&@er's ain't eatin them mother$#&@ersf
wildin. Matter fact speakin of eatin lets feed the
homeless in America let these other folks handle

they own %#@!. How I'mma clean your house and mine
still dirty? How imam feed yo kids while mine sit
thirsty? And speakin of the kids we need to spend

more time wit em. can't turn them loose in the
streets cuz they dyin in em. And all this naked
head sex man you trippin $#&@ love I'm lovein life

you ain't gon catch ya boi slippin. You say ya boi
trippin I'm jus keepin it G, cuz you can see how
good the world would be if it was up to me

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