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BROTHERVT : Guild Reborn Rap lyrics

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BROTHERVT lyrics : "Guild Reborn Rap"

VT in the game now showin' off my grind

Hear the thoughts that come from my ill mind
Ain't got no time cause I haven't spent a dime
Workin' hard, for my spot, I'll have in time.

Killin this rap and everyone cryin
Slappin all these kids man I ain't even trying
Losing their hope and yet they still fighting

Noobs will learn when hit with lightning..
Flow too hard and ain't nothin stopping
Any nerd fighting me gets a good whooping

OH EM GEE, hunter be kitin'
Cross server action, be too excitin'

Nothing can stop us from reaching for the top

Nothin will stop us this is our lot
Nothin can phase us, cashers, not!
Nothin will phase, straight mug shots

You can't stop me, come and take a shot
You won't stop me, I'm too hot
You can't stop me, show me what you got

You won't stop me, you will feel distraught

Round two last round what you gonna do?
Staying in the game brought a new world view

I'ma stay loyal, always stay true
"Reborn" on my back, perma tattoo
True to the game and so is my crew,

A guild full of temper issues, detonating fuse,
Guaranteed now you will leave with a bruise,
You're now top story on the TV news

Question my authority, such a bad move,
Shoulda thought twice, cause now you gonna lose
Dylz has no time to murder all you noobs

Now I'm here, damn look at all these views
Stomp on y'all with my pair of jordan shoes
New name; Sophisticated girls like "ooh"

God please forgive me for what I'ma do
Boom goes the TNT, rest in peace noobs.

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