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BROTHERTUNES lyrics : "Starship"

Where can I run to
Where can I hide out
I need a place where there's no-one else I

I'm looking left I
I'm looking right I
But everywhere I go

it seems a place where I don't have to fight but
And everyone I know
wants a little bit a little piece

Built myself a starship

A ship that'll help me get away
And when I've built my starship
I'll sail into a brighter day

Till then I'll stay here
in this cool cruel world

And now I've made my
I made my plans I

I've stopped relyin on another man I
I know it'll work out, it can work out
All I need is just one more chance I

I don't need wings if I want to fly
I'm gonna use the wind I
I'll use the wind it will take me high

And I know what a starship is

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa