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BROTHERS AT SEA : The Atlantic lyrics

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BROTHERS AT SEA lyrics : "The Atlantic"

The Atlantic opened her mouth
took us in and she won't let us out
But I don't mind, I'll stay with you here

We drove the roads through the south
My eyes are red and my head is full of doubt

But I don't mind, I'll stay with you here

The night's bleeding into the day

The sun won't rise in this God-forsaken place
But I don't mind, I'll stay with you here

I guess that's the price that you pay
I can see the years that the east etched in your face
But I don't mind I'll stay with you here

If we're being honest
Nothing's how it should've been

The things you've done, they made me stronger
But I could learn to trust you

We've forgiven everything
We've forgiven everything
This is a redemption melody

From a song that we're both singing
I'll take your pain, I'll be your strength
Let love inside

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