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Brother Rabbit lyrics : "Deathtrap Of A Crow"

(Vs. 1)
Look down at the water and you'll fall like snow
Because the Devil is a hungry, deceiving black crow that will swoop down like to save you, but there isn't any saving you because his wing's aren't like the Father's that's a strong, empty basket. His wings are thin and crumbling and his mouth is like a casket; and he grins only to fool you, so look up already, why don't you? See the Father in the ocean? There He stands with arms wide open!

(Vs. 2)
I once long ago, fell into the water and listen to the black crow. He sent his minions to sleep inside my ears and frightening monsters was all I saw in every mirror.

Bones the crow gives, thorns the crow will feed. If it's not from the Father, it's not something we need. If we gaze at the oil painting of the Father, then be aware, little one, be aware... that we are free to walk on that water


The tide is great with appetite; behind you sinks your boat. The Father stands ahead so look away already from the crow! He'll trick your e y e s, he'll make you blind. So lift your head, child and believe inside your mind. Walk to your Dad like it's the first time moving your legs. When you fall, He's catch your back. But don't trust the crow's beak--it's a DEATHTRAP.

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