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BROTHER EL : Under Hypnosis lyrics

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BROTHER EL lyrics : "Under Hypnosis"

"Chicago, is next.."

[Larry Milla]

Learn to see everything that's around you without
using your eyes
Sometimes it's beyond that

Sometimes it's just about learning to feel a situation
And let yourself totally be exposed to things
but block out all negative energies

It's almost just like, you have shielding
Something that you will read about in a science fiction book
Where a man can walk into a room with 20,000 degree flames

and not be scathed
Cause his mind has been hardened or tempered like steel
to neglect, or maybe, to negate that energy

To protect himself from the evil things in his environment
or the hard situations, which might cause pain to the flesh
These are the things that our type need to master

To make ourselves stronger
Like biblical figures, who walked through fires inside of a furnace
and came out unscathed

And then the king could not realize the powers of their Lord
Which was only in their mind
For they had faith in themselves and all that was around them

And they did not let the fire consume them
A fire which might be, likened to things like hate and envy
and lust, things that are insidious and control you

and devour you from the inside
Which leave you just a shell of the man
Something that can be easily crushed

Not the statue of stone, a pillar of
raw energy that stood once before
You have become something less

More like a beast or an animal that is surely misled
you must be the one to guide your own light
Or maybe follow your own path

And create something that is truly yours
And that ability is innate, it's within you
But often finding that sometimes is the maze

And there's so many people that get locked in that maze
and they're.. being chased by minotaurs and
other minions of Greek mythology that

keep them caught up and trapped and, cringing in corners
wondering when daylight will approach them
But when it does approach us

be willing to accept it with open arms
Letting your heart spill out the angst that has tr..
troubled you or plagued you through the years

Be willing, to be open, to be free
And to let yourself escape the torment
For that's all that it is

And that's all that life is

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