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BROTHER BLAKE : When I Was a Noob lyrics

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BROTHER BLAKE lyrics : "When I Was a Noob"

Verse 1
back when i was noob
played Garen cuz hes cool

first item mana crystal
and he has no mana pool

face checkin every bush
what the ..is a ward
send four bottom lane

sona hit that power cord

I'll be chasing someone down

They're really low from the fight
I use my ghost to catch up
tryin to kill them with smite

now I'm back in the shop
and i don't know what to get

I spent 20 minutes buying
got my whole team upset

back when i was noob

i did not know what to do
I was dying in the jungle
you know it's happened to you

back when i was noob
i did not know what to do
face checking every bush

you know it's happened to you

Verse 2

so my team needs jungler
time to make my debut
I took warwick to the jungle

but i died at blue

maybe annie is my champ

man this range op
how to build this pretty girl ?
think I'll go straight A D

Now Im jarvan, im helping
when we lose its my fault

just becasue i trapped my team
inside anivias ult

karthus seems easy to play
all I do press r
so pressed it in a team fight

but then I died from afar

They're calling me a noob

And they're raging to my face
They don't want me on the team
Just AFK in the base

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