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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "Win Some Lose Some"

Man, you win some, lose some
They run the gamut from hilarious to gruesome

In my life I done caught some and threw some
And I done been in some %#@!
But this is one that I will never forget

Testosterone-filled hallway confrontation spectacle

Time to see who got the !@*^s
I'm not the type to holler, "What you wanna do then?"
Hands parallel to my shoulders, I keep it movin

There's one thing I hate is for another man to take control
Of a situation, you don't want me to play the role
I'm in my element on Front Street, I love a spotlight

Bringin an audience to diss me is just not right
I told him, "Listen stupid, I know what you're here to do
But we're not gonna do it

This is a movement that I'm part of it
You're lucky I'm a righteous blackman"
And you thought I had issues now, really had em back then

I turned my back with the anti-climatic spitefulness
That's the worst type of diss
And I stepped off, adolescent, passive aggressive

Jesus Christ superstar to send the world a message
And there stood little man soft dick in hand
Wonderin "What the $#&@ just happened?" Not enough to kill a man

I turn the corner like as long as he ain't pullin a gun
I'd rather catch a $$#-whippin than run



I put them out there bad, too, really, they had to
I turned around, they runnin right directly at me, they looked mad, too
A half a minute felt like a half an hour

When he got close enough I stuck him once for black power
All three bombed on me, started swingin me around
Hollerin, "Get him down, get him down!"

I'm like $#&@ that, y'all don't gettin me on the linoleum
So three white boys can start stompin only one
They didn't hold back at all

They started bangin my head against a steel locker like a freakin racket ball
Grill was all busted, the locker was rusted
And when my face hit it it split my bicuspid

They spilled blood on my 'Boys N The Hood Increase the Peace' t-shirt
Now, isn't that symbolic?
I came to school a week later with a eye full of stitches

And I held my head higher than (*##$es
They lookin at me like, "Yeah y'all done $#&@ed me up
What you think that's a thing that's gonna shut me up?"

%#@!, nope, still swaggerin, still battle rappin
And still not givin em the satisfaction of bein mad


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