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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "The Magnificent"

I. Am the magnificent. Check it out

[Verse One]
The magnificent, born gloriousness
South paw raw, ghetto lawlessness

I ain't never hypothetical or "for instance"
What I'm givin' you is livin' proof that God exists
Santa Claus killer, all of y'all get gifts

Get crossed off my list when the sawed off kicks
Ain't no more (*##$ %#@!
Pawns get flipped quick

On some Fresh game of chess on the park benches
I kindly invite y'all to mind y'all business
Before I close down the castle and the draw bridge lift

I clown and kick to get a spot like this
My pocket knife twist through your heart like this
Vocals blastin'

The soul impassioned
Clothes won't be clashin'
I'm so old fashion

Cold blooded $$#assin
Microphone graspin'
Dealin' with your rappers in an orderly fashion

They lean back baskin' in the gleam of the Brother
I'm Superfly T-N-T mother$#&@er
Who God bless, let no man curse

Your new-new %#@! ain't $#&@in' with my old $$# verse
I flash on your foolish like a Kodak burst
And paint a picture with your weaknesses I know that hurts

Don't you know the prophet feed the poor man first?
Need to fix your own plate daddy, your hands work
The higher the monkey climbs the more he show his $$#hole

One for the freestyle, two for the cash flow

I am the magnificent

[Chorus: x2]
We sent to get down

The magnificent
Knees bend and heads bow
The magnificent

We step through your town
The magnificent
Please bet that my style is magnificent


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