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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "Sweet (Potato Pie)"

Sweet taste sweet taste, sweet taste
Sweet taste sweet taste, sweet taste

Just p**sy ..taste like potato pie
I never had a ..

Holiday time i ain't pie no punket pie
Make the sweet potato kind ..

No recipe in ..
Customize on each one of a kind
I'ma best make f*ckign with mine

But my sweet potato
But my .. Of a man ..mixting

Got the mixting ball in the butter ..
Nto ..
I got to kill you

Step by step instructions
Just ..brining it
I ain't just putting pie on the .. Bay

Let you see when you taste
I lvoe you and i would die for you baby
This life kind of crazy i'm making something beautiful

And leave you with the hunger
Come and get some
Your brother putting something

Pie at

..sweet potato pie round here

Check this

Rich ..became a problem
Cause i.. And my heart got to .. Put aside

Got talking by ..should talk
For the kids
Boy you dont' need ..to that %#@!

Each pie but how many slides in your stomach
You've always been a little ..soak it drinkin ..out of regular

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