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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "Stop The Press"

The long one as breaks
Hey brother ALi, where the hell you've been?

she disappeared?

Stop the presses give me a couple seconds

let me tell my friends what's up big patron
new G, new beat and new recon
made a few adjustments I wanna discuss it

in the life pay for pain and sadness
never would have guessed that would pay for success
would've been the first time I forgot the press

I know I'm blessed I just couldn't adjust
in life on the avenue how to do is right
scrap on the play ground fighting for the mind

trying do the knife but the insane right
fighting for a little bit of time in the life
then I got a join of the..in the house

no one else to flight with by myself
get it on the way one thinking bout my health
maybe the music that I make it can help

uh I can't drive 'cause it's say ..%#@!
told you I was legally blind that's for jit
I want it to have a school for kids so

I put a crib a couple blocks from here
that's the greatest rent I've ever had
like a brother to me, a border line that

maybe making a record to give me on track
help me fix this whatever is wrong with my head
I jump back in the ba!@&(t once

made that album..a couple of months but
can't ride it all I felt long
energy I brought might have been a bit..

couple great moments to worth cars
baby girl puppy love in the traveler muah
I do it two years on that album

what's on the road champ months or one of them
tip the glow with my brother BK
my life coast slash DJ

could've been with me in day one
had another hard times had another fun
know I'm story shawty I got a hell of a wife

catastrophy damn near end of the life
but I write fees out to Hawaii
this f*ckers got pregnant on..key

I say I need to talk to you..
this is what you were born to do but not me
surround ..the sound checks 2010

think about my DJ but not to my friend
back in.. ain't stop just threw
rap the bells and..

closing up to smell Beyonce's perfume but
you just ain't the same without you
couldn't slow me down no Lord

stayed on the planes and the busted and cars
what a young DJ end of the squad
set a queen on me 'cause I do it hard when

home to the next one and me and .. trouble connected
if I was healing he was always there
touring and recording with atmosphere

what the hell is going on with my career
with it..the gear my team disappeared
got a phone call in the forth of July

my dad daddy commited suicide
I should've been there for him
I've been flying home from Europe to..

I'm sorry I'm in a minute
this midnight

Ha, listen, tryin to hold this marriage together
that me and my baby barely see each other
I'm in France with the fans taking pictures

G's with the keys making dinner doing dishes
she ain't gotta worry bout screwing up
that it ain't enough to make a woman feel precious

if we don't start this in a second
got no choice but no different direction

Damn I got that phone call again
you know that..never want again

Mike is dead couldn't get an over hand
they found him dead in his apartment
just..G's probably won't get over that my ear
I'll remember forever the day later report it for prayin the..
in the next I'll change my life

listen in the car in the holy sights
this mean I can have all my life
certainly presented themselves in playing sides
and it doubt to have about the miking
whether be knock with our right write

there a lot of side like tears on the Lord
now I'm going harder than I ever did before
got a couple of beats tape from Jay
genuine..in this music is pray
I chose that in all my tours day

..like I got something to say

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