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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "So Dearly"

I just, I have a hard time .. sometimes tryin' to explain 'n' ......
emotions .. so, so much sometimes .. and a .. I mean .. it's just kinda ..

I don't know man .. it's just the whole way that happend .. it's just ..


She had the brown westafrican features
She was lookin' sweet as peaches
On gorgeous spring day

With a thing to say
Little or no make-up
Covered her face up

But brother when she smiles
She light the whole place up
She was covered from the waist up

In a past L-pace scard (?????)
She's soft
Admires with the way that she talk

In my thoughts she can't be companied when
We're apart
Early on I felt that she would own a piece of my heart

I don't expect
I kept the distance in the physical
But moved in on the mental and emotional

So she seem more approachable
So hopefull I had never been casanova
I had never been

She's probablly been approached by better men
But then again
I please the earth-citizen

She probablly like religious men
That's something that most are conciderin'
I sat back and thought about it

Then reflect
If I approach her with respect
I go to got her in a sack

It got deeper settin' (?)
With Latifah, "Glad to meet cha

Heard you was a preacher
Maybe later we'll speak"
I felt numb, dizzy

Body tingelin', thinkin' what to say next
Ready to sign over my paychecks
No disguise

On the blessing
From her eyes
I was guessin'

She had been through
Enough to know the evil got some men, too
I felt the pain

I be on ??????????
Body yell the name
After that I never felt the same

She felt warm to me
Her eyes sang a song to me
She long for me

The such that I can feel it
But too shy to reveal it
The strong attraction started creepin' in

We can spin together through the universe
But must become a unit first
We ain't had money for the big ???????

But we had the real commitment
And the priceless connection
The ?? mention of Latifah

Sets me deep into the ocean
When no scuba absent
*this girl is poison*

When I'm in pain
All she has to do is put a hand on me
Y'all ain't understandin' me

She: bring out the man in me
She: affricate and challenge me
She: know how to handle me

We: go build this a family
Strong up off reality
Together in the dschihad
We struggle hard to please god
With each and every aspect of life

We increase
And with each pass of year
Is more and more clear
That god is the reason that we're both still here
If we follow his directions

We're expactin' his protection
And I'm further not a section (?)
Of this earth for us to rest in
I'm strivin'
I'm never satisfied in just survivin'

Strivin' to provide a life in which is so feel alright (?)
You're a priceless diamond
At your feet is where the parents ice is lyin'
Even the nicest rhyme in the world couldn't explain
This is just my attempted document

The blessin' that
Walked into my life one afternoon
I love you

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