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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "Slippin' Away"

[Verse 1 - Brother Ali]
I arrived in Minnesota with handcuff bruises
Summer ninety deuce, prepared to cut loose %#@!

Mom wasn't havin that, $#&@ bein cool
with no discussion, stuck me in a suburb school
Now day and night I'm on a bus full of fools

Who parents didn't want us ended up in the news
You must be crazy, you think any of us appreciate it
How our parents wanna upgrade us

All day long we're in a fantasy land
Moms and dads, college plans and minivans
But when the sun set, you fled the success

To the slum where you rest, nothin more, nothin less
School they fantasize about gangsta rap records
But these are our lives, our families are connected

The Ice Cube summer vacation is takin place
Right around the way from where I stay
The mold from the gold and the 'rips from L.A.

Brought, snow to the cold for a new place to play
There's a war goin on outside, you ain't safe from
See if this education might save 'em

[Chorus - Brother Ali] - 2X
I've known you your whole life

You drawn to that street life
Slippin away, slippin away
Slippin away, slippin away

[Verse 2 - Brother Ali]
And so our little city bus crew used to run together

Eat lunch together, girls Double Dutch together
Fellas humbuggin, next day be friends
The only thing we never did was date from within

Fellas dated white girls, sisters stayed lonely
Used to kiss me on my cheek and say we were homies
Alphonso ba!@&(t, we ran the party

One day on the bus, Pumpkin stabs Akey
%#@!, my main man was Ethan
Used to sell sneakers at a store called Friedman's

He had two older cousins that were hustlers
Filas wasn't all he pumpin to the customers
He got a check but he got connects

So he got some chicks and he got respect
His boy Ali got hooked up with clothes
One day slap boxin, he broke my nose

He almost cried man, he had a good heart
The brother's only problem was he wasn't book smart
He dropped out of school but he kept slangin shoes

To keep the kids fed, he had to sell base too


[Verse 3 - Brother Ali]
Time to time I used to stop in and check on my dude

Even when we lost touch with the rest of our crew
We both had babies, drama with our old ladies
But as time went on, our connection only grew

He said "I just can't seem to leave these streets alone man
Feels like I fell asleep one evening
And woke up the next day suddenly a grown man

In a rut with no idea how to leave it
My parents got too many kids to help me through
I really don't know what the hell else to do

I know you gonna really get it crackin with that rap thing
And when you blow up, I'm a come and work for you"
Ha, that's my man, I see you when I see you brother

Keep your head up 'til the next time we see each other
Rolled out on my first national tour
Back on the block, went back to the store

Put my hand on the door, Ethan wasn't in though
They said somebody shot 'em through his front window
Hit 'em in the head and that he hadn't survived

Matter fact he died 'fore the ambulance arrived
A man in that life, it wasn't no mistake
The cops called it a stray bullet, closed the case

So there's no justice and there's no closure
You can't touch this, not you, no sir
They buried my brother, I was on the road
By the time I got home, the ground was cold
Got nothin left but a hole in my soul

%#@!, dude was 23 years old


Slippin away, slippin away - 3X

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