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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "'round Here"

F/ Murs

[Chorus - Brother Ali]

Brother Ali is back in town
Came a long way to make that sound
Break through Earth from hallowed ground

Played with my blood to wear this crown

Brother Ali is back in town

World on my shoulder, weigh me down
Break through Earth from hallowed ground
Played with my blood to wear this crown

[Verse 1 - Brother Ali]
Uh, fact about it, I'm a force of nature

Leader of men, boss of my organization
I ain't in to bein ostentatious
I offered the pages that caught a lot of y'all in the Matrix

Soon as I caught a break, I was off to the races
Invaded the remotest possible places
Seen it first hand, yeah it's hard to explain it

I've been around the world, left my heart on them stages
They want your boy, all all on they faces
Hollered out a roar, they holla in amazement

I follow all the greatest, A-list, taste makers
That shaped this and they're all innovators
I'm so firmly grounded in the basics

Yeah, dishonor, get pounded to the pavement
Dealin with the voice of the nameless, faceless
Face it, your participation ain't gonna be painless

I won't debate that I'm sort of a sadist
I use most your faces to sharpen my blade with
Combat takin place, not entertainment

Lives been lost, it's a hostile arrangement


[Verse 2 - Brother Ali]
Uh, your eyes never spied where I've been

Low parts where the heights of rhymin
Back alleys where the dice is flyin
Darkness is tryin, the lights are blindin

Sheist environment, the nights are violent
Red beam silent, the siren's cryin
Clean mighty tights or your life survivin

Nights where the roaches or mice might slide in
The highest you can climb is that limelight
And so downin on that mic meant fightin

Braggin rights are all that you rhyme with
Can't stand to see all your pride get sliced in
When the spotlight hit, my %#@!, y'all just

Bet I'm a stomp this mother$#&@in party 'til it's cold and lifeless
Close your eyelids, behold the righteous
It's cold as night gets


[Outro - MURS - talking]
There was a standoff
And there's like a Russian dude, a old, black pimp dude

Some gangsta black dude, some Armenian dude
Like a motley crew, literally
Like a weirdo but street, angry, grown $$# men

Against me and Dibbs and Art and the God Loves Ugly crew
And it's like a line and I walk in between 'em
And I just start goin off

Like Cuz, Blood, like mother, $#&@er
I'm a get on the phone and I'm a make everybody cry
I'm just talkin crazy, I'm mad, this is my hometown

I'm about to call the homies
But you know like the old pimp dude had a piece or somethin
Like a gun or somethin

And it was about to jump off
And then he goes like "oh, ain't you Brother Ali?"
Brother Ali, you a bad mother$#&@er man

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