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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "Real As Can Be"

[Intro: Brother Ali - talking]
So I finally get home from off tour
Been gone since I can't even remember when

I start waking up in my bed, not knowing where I'm at man
The bad part is, I look over at my wife
And like I don't know who this person is in my bed

(Tell me is it real?)
I'm bugging out (yeah!)

[Verse: Brother Ali]
If I wake up in a hotel room or on the bunk of a bus
Middle of nowhere, %#@! I'm completely fine

But let me wake up in my crib, I get to flipping my wig
Anywhere as long as it isn't mine
I've been on the road seven out the past eight months

Want to live, you got to give your loving fans what they want
So, if they want "The Truth", you got to tell 'em it's here
Ask Randy Hawkins man, I had a hell of a year

My first headlining tour, my album in stores
And I finally got to see what all that grinding been for
To get down for the cause and catch a round of applause

And to see the %#@! I spit get printed out in The Source
My heroes brought me on tour, I said +Allah U Akbar+
Thank you God, I don't know what else I could bother you for

Got me out in California at this Wal-Mart store
With the Lord Rakim, we chilling, shopping for drawers
I blew my little video budget, I figured "$#&@ it! "

You only live once, you best to entertain your public
I did freeze my nuts in D.C. on a Handycam
On the White House lawn (hey!) rapping +Uncle Sam !@%&+

Shook hands with Busy Bee, I said his line from "Wild Style"
"The Bee part be" and he smiled
Saw him out in the Bay with Fred Hampton, Jr.

Somebody made away with my God damn computer
I caught a flight home on my 30th birthday
A gift courtesy of my main man Mercy

Needed to see my wife and Faheem in the worst way
Ended up having both a blessed and a cursed day
As I walked onstage to give 'em these raps

My DJ's wife was on that bridge that collapsed
She ended up breaking her back and getting roughed up
But she already walking, you bad mother$#&@er

As real as can be, I keep my people with me
And that's BK, Drinkala and King Toki
Rhymesayers Entertainment and what more can I say

Except I got a brand new baby daughter on the way
(Tell me is it real?)...

(Come on) [x6]
(Come on y'all!)

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