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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "Pedigree"

[Chorus: x2]
One behind the next in line
It's inspection time let me check your design

Your pedigree don't hold up next to mine
I'm a thouroughbred of the most excellent kind

[Verse 1:]
Brother Ali and who's asking
The text book definition of brute passion

The future, the past, a true champion is born
never made and that's a label you can't pretend
I think better outside of the box

I rhyme better outside of the booth
There's no hiding the truth, I'm the genuine positive proof
I buck shots through the roof set the hostages loose, shoo

One might got to give real a minute
But it will recognise A alike once the beat finish
Bleak grimacing winters led him to seek vengeance

With every bit the mistique of a street menace
Self appointed judge with power vested
to hand down sentances from bus stop benches

He's relentless with his it's just in his spirit
You don't want to read about it fool you want to feel it
%#@! happens but I'm calm in a %#@! storm

Its just normal, what you think I balled up a fist for?
They probably thought I was born yesterday right
Well mother $#&@er I stayed up all night

Hit me hard like huh

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Oh the flow gon' cold @@#! you

You a born (*##$ local showboating imposter
I'm a known credited stone ghetto philosopher
I think very deeply, I aspire to be free

Read through these credentials of mine
I'm exquisite and only get better with time
And not yet in my prime

I age like wine and got a good !@#$ head at the end of my spine
Plus I live outside of those confines
Meaning my expression is yet to be defined

Ya'll will never try putting ribbons in the sky
you would hit your head on that rooty-poot box you live inside
What you gon' do when the well runs dry

Human beings grown images just get old
So when we get old you gon' be out in the cold
and I'ma still keep chasing what I'm owed

[Chorus x2]

Take a breath to check the Pedigree
Check the Pedigree

To check the Pedigree...

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