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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "Missing Teeth"

(feat. Slug)

[VERSE 1: Slug]

I dictate while most MC's lactate
Can't wait for me to smack ( ?greats? ) and $#&@ em till my sack breaks
They stand still with a little bit of spittle

Drippin off the middle of they lips tryin to light a cigarette
And I'ma watch em all choke on my vomit
Took apart, shook up they heart, they died on it

And I promise, if you could hide from this monster
You'd quick tryin to ride on my divide and conquer
Some gotta die 'fore the dumb realize

Not everyone can fly, most don't have wings
Keep takin a nap, wear a brick for a cap
Or get the $#&@ off the lap before you lose everything

I spit shrapnel while the villagers babble
Slice deep, pull, peel, and let the skin unravel
We're here to scrape off a layer of your make-up

So we can see what a (*##$ is really made of

[VERSE 2: Brother Ali]

I step off in your hoola-hoop cypher with my eyes all aglow
Walkin tall enough to make your half moon whole
You don't need to get duct-taped to the bathroom flo'

Cause I don't think your %#@! is flavor - the rats do, though
You and your little (*##$ buddies think you're Thelma & Louise
Cause you got a drum machine and you ( ? )

You need to respect a $#&@in legend when he breathes
'fore you get a K-Swiss logo embedded in your knees
Shock the body-body, rock the consciousness

Stagger the imagination, box your esophagus
The paradime, you stepped past the line
And I show you why the masterminds have got a $#&@in axe to grind

Street magician like David Blaine with these songs
Crip-walkin through your mental corridor with metal cleats on
Slug got the weed smoke, Ant got the beats broke

And your $#&@in eyebrows might grow back, but your teeth won't

(You gonna look pretty funny tryin to eat corn on a cob with no $#&@in teeth)

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