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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "Here"

[Hook: x5]
"Are you here to confuse me?"

[Verse 1:]
Woman I'll give you the grand tour
Theres no reason for you to look closer but you do so I show you

It ain't pretty here now but it will be
One day I promise when the sun rays are honest
I chip away at the tint on the windows

Stain on the glass it's a pain in the $$#
I scrape and I scratch 'til my arms grow weary
Meanwhile I warn you not to stand near me

I think I built the fence a little late
The deamons were already in now they can't escape
I been toe to toe with most of em' though

As a whole they must parish in order for me to grow
Huddled in the gloomy little cracks that they inhabit
They pass away the day I deactivate my habits

Each one gets buried in the back yard
In tiny little graves marked only by a black scar
Kindly watch your step

The silence isn't finished being awkward yet
Trophies lay in the ba!@&(t to stay safe
Today's mistakes are in a lighted trophy case though

And I want you to know

I only invited you cos I ain't thought you would show
But I'll be damned if you ain't grab my hand
And presented yourself on the threshhold of the Heartland

[Hook: x2]
"Are you here to confuse me?"

(I don't mean to confuse you)

[Verse 2:]

You'll notice antique swordes adorn the walls
They're really not there for decoration at all
I saved them %#@!s from old relationships

and I swing'em at you later if you stay in the mix
Don't you realise nobody's really been inside here
Since it was last drenched in dried tears

Decorating was a senseless idea cos only the blind lonely prince resides
We dine here on a balanced diet

Ego when it's loud self hatred when it's quiet
Inside the castle this is what the life is
Sign here after you read the fine print

It's not much but all of it's yours
Take great caution if you wanna explore
Watch your head when you opening the doors

And always remember that the choice was yours


[Hook: x4]
"Are you here to confuse me"

...Are you breathing?

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