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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "Faheem"

Faheem Abdul Aziz Ibn Ali Newman
I gave you that name, boy

[Verse 1:]
I will never stop being sorry that your home got broken

Feel like I owe you for the road that I chose
But I believe things happen the way there supposed to
And you'll always be with me wherever I go

I was right there for your first breath
Used to lay you on my chest when you slept
I fed you, changed you, read to you, bathed you

I ain't tryna' hold that over your head, I'm saying thank you
God put you in my arms for me to teach you
Sometimes I gotta not be popular to reach you

But boy look me in my eye when I speak to you
I tell you these things cos I believe in you
Respect, patience, excellence and truth

Make good choices and always follow through
But above all else know Allah always watch us
And everything we do comes back upon us

Alright, lets talk about your Mummy
I need you to know I used everything inside me
To make you as healthy as you could possibly be

And I just couldn't see a good future for us three
And you gonna have questions as you grow
But there's certain negative things that you don't need to know

And baby boy thats what this is about
We live, learn and figure it out
I just pray you don't remember us sleeping on the floor

Have me cleaning mouse droppings outta your toys
It took alot of hard work for us to get where we at
and young man we ain't quitten at that

Just know that it hurts me to death when I leave and go tourin'
I'm scared that it might make you feel unimportant
But our bonds so strong that the moment I get off

We seem to pick right back up where we left off
I tried to say I do it for you
But in my heart I know thats not entirely true

So if I ever come home and feel it hurt us as friends
Swear to God I'll never tour again
I ain't never met a child quite like you

Words don't suffice for me to describe you
You have a genuine goodness inside you
I watch you and wonder if I was ever like you

It's me and you brother for life
So when you put me in the ground look for me in the clouds
You make me the definition of proud

Taught me what this life is really about

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