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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "Don't Mess With Me"

[Verse 1: Brother Ali]
I'm surrounded? pictures that tower
The legends hang tall in all the walls of my office

All around 'em, and all the stars in orbit
Tryna embody betterment to my conscience
I wanna carve with the pen of James Baldwin

This time of night I might dip it up in the cauldron
Insight jogging, let's start evolving
Insider with insight up into my darkness

After a while all the thoughts start sparking
Heart got to hollering, my solitary sorrows and?
Portraits on my wall started applauding

When I hit the carpets, they climbed off and joined in
They did not avoid it, I made it my employment
I'm explaining, not exploiting ? holler at your boy, then

Noises I'm recording were created in accordance
With Lady Luck, instead of Mystery, her former boyfriend
Time travel interplay ? tomorrow, yesterday

Insha Masha Allah ? which is to say
Every second is a blessing from the Heavens
So existing is a blissful way of throwing all your gifts away

I ain't do %#@! today but climb inside my hiding place
That's the out-of-body cave that lies behind my face
They don't understand the time it takes to concentrate

Feel like I'm out of place, out of time and out of space
This little world of mine is kinda gray but I'mma stay
Namaste, that's the only one that I can say

Start the conversation saying ?as-salam alay!@$&?
Brother I love you like?
Check out our legacy ? on our last leg, you see

Age has a tendency to knock you down a peg or three
Pet pedigree, better agree to disagree
Or read this degree we received for repeating history

Pardon my epiphany, I don't have no piff in me
Spitting literally keep me way twisted consistently
I scribbled this just to see if it would get me free

Now turn these damn pictures around, don't mess with me

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