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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "Daylight"

My friend, give me a minute here
You have no idea how to frame me
"Brother Ali is this, Brother Ali is that"

You ain't been right yet
So ok I'll do it myself
Ant, you got me?

[Verse 1:]
Big Brother the beast I'm showing my teeth

Feel it all in the air it's too potent to breathe
Explosive with the free, got a heavy one I wrote up my sleeve
I could post up or go for the three

Versatile with it I'm grinding until I get it
Mindless of the defined limits or consequences
I defy critics I ain't scientific

I find my intrinsic vibe and I ride with it
Vocals no nothing other than soul touching
So if they land in yours it's just a home-coming

If they don't go there they might perish
Land on deaf ears but die unembarassed
You don't need to hear my race in the song

You hear the plane that I'm on
Your whole face change when I'm on
Your ears might help you see

$#&@ hearing me I need you to feel like me

[Chorus: x2]

Let the dark side slide right on out you
Don't deny it announce it to the Daylight

Let it get inside of you 'cause you're not alive
until you open up your eyes

[Verse 2:]
I never asked my brothers to put that crown on me
Now they want to frown on me, look down on me

Pardon me I don't think I'm hurting anybody
Just because I took shahadah but I'm cursing at the party
Ain't showing I'm holy just showing the whole me

Ya'll just pretend to be whatever your role be
Don't get me wrong preist and rabbi innam
but maybe that's why the masses don't respond

Can't sit and nit pick but miss the big %#@!
Expect us not to see the contradictions
Want us to listen and join your religion

I ain't got a pot to piss in who ya'll kidding
I believe in the Qu'ran and all that's within it
The concepts and all of the prophets that are mentioned

But I talk directly to God so if I'm sinning
ya'll ain't got nothing to do with me repenting

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]

If I'm an open book this is how I'm supposed to look
I got to show it all and don't be shook
So they ask me if I'm black or white, I'm neither

Race is a made up thing I don't believe in it
My genes tie me to those that despised me
Made a living killing the ones that inspired me

I ain't just talking about singing and dancing
I was taught life and manhood by black men
So I'm a product of that understanding

And a small part of me feels like I am them
Does that make me a liar maybe
but I don't want the white folks that praise me to think they can claim me

'Cause you didn't make me
You don't appreciate what I know to be great yet you relate to me
and that frustrates me and what can I say

'cause I know that I benefit from something I hate
But make no mistake our connection ain't fake
It's never too late to clear off the slate

You follow my tape then you know What I'm about
If something comes up then it must come out

[Chorus x2]

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