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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "Crown Jewel"

(Ring me up now
Come on now, quit bull%#@!tin)

[Chorus - Brother Ali] - 2X
Sunset never seemed so long
Five and the sky's still goin strong

Jewel and the crown keep holdin on
Never let it go 'til it's all gone

[Verse 1 - Brother Ali]
I glide across the surface with my head held high
Shoulders pushed back, I'm convinced I'll never die

Got a squint to my eye like I can't take the world in
Too much beauty to behold by one person
Wear the sky around my shoulder like a tailor made cloak

Create or decorated with my never fadin hopes
My same old skin like the robe of a King
Gold, platinum bling happen to grow from my chin

Sun keeps kissin my cheek as if it has to
And the Earth under my feet become a castle
Any word I endeavor to speak, I command you

Die grammar plan to make the Devil unhand you
Should the elements change and it ever rain
Drops fall around me, my garment is never stained

This is what God had in mind for me
Shine like the stars in the sky just align for me


[Verse 2 - Brother Ali]

There's a certain type of glow that emanates
Off the authentic that a fake could never imitate
He thought his outstretched hand might conceal his hate

Never knew his eyes where the windows to his real estate
I'll gladly be the mirror that you hate
To crush every debate, why the $#&@ you're never great

You'll still be the same irrelevant (*##$
In the same predicament if I never existed, %#@!
My shadow isn't why it's cold where you at

My goals and advancements ain't what's holdin you back, (*##$
You're illest enemy is in the looking glass
But you really couldn't stand lookin at your crooked $$#

So you workin every single angle
Thinkin you'd be the man if I wasn't here to compare to
My advice to you is to do the $#&@ you

And if you ain't willin my dude, then $#&@ you


(*Instrumental for 22 seconds*)


"Gone" - 3X

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