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BROTHER ALI lyrics : "Blah Blah Blah"

(feat. Slug)

Get yourself together now because it's hit time

Your known as the hit makers
Breaker breakers, party makers

They'll make your back crack, your liver quiver
For all you cats, who never put more dips in your hips
More cut in your strut, more glide in your stride

If you don't dig that you gotta hold your soul
If you don't dig this mess, you came to the wrong address
Because singing might be loud and clear

[Brother Ali]
Ayo, the music made 'em jump back

$#&@ that, how y'all gonna contrast somethin fat, without lettin Ali touch that
Gun whack, read his lips
You're not serious, I got few evils and no superiors (so here he is)

A seasoned veteran, an ego reckon
I turn it up another notch to keep the people guessin
Y'all ain't $#&@in with the ox so put your feeble session

Double teamin for the evening, so you heed the lessons
So no

Here we go
Lookin at me like they know me

Only bout as far as they drunk $$# can throw me
Do it, somebody's bound to catch it, no breakage
Never that, we keep it basic like breakfast

So taste it, the vitamins are subtle
So tighten up or Slug'll, even try to decipher the puzzle
But shut up though

($#&@ that, sucka jump back)
I hold the game like Notre Dame, I know your dame
(We cut a hunch back), Ali run that

[Brother Ali]
From cats lips to gods ears

We mind yall punk !@$(s and cross hairs
Applying our thug tactics till y'all scared
Don't stop till your punk $$# hits the back stairs (ohh yeah)

$#&@ that, jump back, yo, what's that

Drippin off her nuts, wait, why she got a nut sack?
You $#&@in rappers are she-males
From the retail to the e-mail, your freak fell cause you need help

[Chorus x2]
Y'all need to watch and observe and then follow

If we open for y'all it's still our show
I hear the same ol' %#@! wherever I go
Like Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

[Brother Ali (Slug)]
[Rappers steppin to]

ah yeah they get their %#@!s burned
I throw a roll of quarters and cyphers and then I get learned
(Yo I don't care were you represent son, where's your chicks?)

We'll take her out for breakfast if you want to let your lips run


Listen, I know your mission, some type of magician that likes to go fishin
On the mic with air tight precision, the leaders keeping tradition
when you ain't even keeping the rhythm that the DJ is spinnin

Calm down little camper, I've got the answers
You should $#&@ exotic dancers
You should grow a pair of tits and some antlers

It doesn't matter turn it up, what the $#&@ you think that Ant's for?

[Brother Ali]

I write poems, write rhymes, write my name in the snow
And I could use all of that to bend the frame of your hoe
And I should *????* I'll just pay the waiter and go

But if I didn't have a wife, yo your kids'll be albinos
Your respect is like a stick in the grass
Mean mugs and tree hugs, I'll go on about it
I wear my toilet paper so that y'all can kiss my $$#
with your tongue out and write a love song about it

Write that %#@! inside of your book full of funny little scribbles
The love comes and vomit, the money comes and dribbles
The Minnesota missiles, self taught

communication, mutilation, holding pictures of your sister naked

[Brother Ali]
Ha ha, You to drunk to walk down the stairs
And know you standing here choking on my pubic hairs

Telling me your name is if you think the brother cares

If you keep bumping your guns we can $#&@ing take it there

[Slug (Brother Ali)]

Yo Make a room full of bump rocks stop and do twats
(Rest those shots from a cop, and ask him who's your pops)
Who's you daddy, $#&@ that, Jump back and act happy
(Sing my $#&@ing chorus before I punch you in the face)

[Chorus x2]

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