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Brooks Buford : Motivated lyrics

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Brooks Buford lyrics : "Motivated"

It ain't my fault you're motivated
Cuz I ain't workin' my drive is faded
I'd rather chill talk to my friends

drink my coffee laugh at my sine
I'm lovin' life is a pretty day
And I'm a let it waste away

I said I'm lovin' life is a pretty day
And I'm a let it waste away

I'd rather stand on the corner and laugh my $$# off
I paid my dues
I don't work my $$# off

And work never got me nowhere
It was like god and luck
And I just happened to be there

And I'm a show up when I who up
And if I don't blow up $#&@ it I don't blow up
At leats I don't have to grow up

Man let me smoke my cigarette
I'm thinkin' right now about all the things I won't get
A bunch of bull%#@! I really don't need

A bunch of dumb (*##$es mixin' crack with weed
But I got caffeine and I got pills
I got me a beat machine and I got skills.

And so what if I got to sleep all day
It ain't like I'm missin' much anyway

Cuz it's all fake and it's all take
You're all full of %#@! so why be awake


You all look at me like I done lost my mind

Wearin' argyle socks so in the bump and grind
O got an Izod v-neck a high tech redneck
pumas and a foamy hat so gimme respect

I spent about 10 years in the hole
after a light-skinned girl cold stole my soul
But now I'm up I don't give a $#&@

You can have my depression you can eat my butt
I don't need no philosophies except my own
For chrissakes it's too late I guess I'm grown

But I've learned enough to know
I don't know %#@!
I (*##$ed and moaned but I ain't never quit

Kept on survivin' and kept on drivin' so I guess It's
OK to be mentally ill
Cuz it ended up payin' all my damn bills


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