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Brooks Buford : Aim Ta Pleeze lyrics

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Brooks Buford lyrics : "Aim Ta Pleeze"

I seen her walkin across the street
In slow motion on beat
from her head to her feet I knew that we had to meet

all I want is your brain
focusin on her frame
Spittin my usual game

I think I just came
but I didn't, I'm kiddin
I want it ridden hard and put away wet

get it all over the T.V. set
Ain't no one beat me yet
Don't think that I don't care boo

Drinkin' some coffee from Caribou while I'm in you


I want somebody now
to come lay down with me
I got that dirty south

and girl I aim to please
So let me bang side to side
I'll have you feelin like U gone to heaven and died

cuz I aim to please

I think I love you but maybe I don't

Baby don't think I won't
Take care of you and your baby
I mean I doubt it but maybe

Call up your girlfriends
lipstick lesbians
wanna be thespians

I call them equestrians
Cuz they like to ride
I know I said we getting married but I lied

so close your eyes and say yeah yeah yeah
Everything will be alright

I say yeah yeah yeah
I love your lazy eyes
I say yeah yeah yeah

so close your eyes and say yes to me

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